New German Tesla Factory a Safety Disaster: 3X Worse Than Industry

Tesla factories in America have a reputation for safety disasters, significantly worse than any other car company.

“Everything started with ‘We’re going to automate so our injury rates can go really down because we’re going to be automated.’ Well, we’re not automated. We rely on humans to do a lot of the work,” […] “When I started, if they found one thing you were really good at, you were going to be there for 12 hours a day, five, six, seven days a week,” Ochoa said. The 31-year-old resident of Mountain House, California, ended up with carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, which led to two surgeries and a permanent work restriction to avoid lifting anything heavier than 55 pounds.

Germany very foolishly allowed Tesla to build a factory there, and now it’s reporting the same problems from low or no safety.

When compared with accidents at Audi’s main plant in the Bavarian town of Ingolstadt, Tesla has about three times as many incidents per member of staff, Stern reported. “This is several times more than what is common in other car companies,” said Mr Schulze.

Tesla promises to automate to avoid the cost of human safety training, then they avoid the cost of automating because they find it easier to treat workers as disposable.

The end result is Tesla dumps cars out with little to no quality control and no way to improve.

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