Tesla’s Racist CEO Sued by Federal Government for Racism

A hallmark of Tesla’s CEO is he loves to say he wants to fight and stand up for things he believes in.

Now, let’s see how many times he has ever said or done anything anti-racist. It’s a simple test. A guy always hogging the microphone so everyone can hear his thoughts… where is he showing anti-racism?


In fact, I see his company goes the exact wrong way to gloat it will fight without rest against any allegations of being racist. Odd reversal of tolerance. They seem to choose their words very carefully to say they want to fight against anti-racism (ensure racism is tolerated).

It’s like hearing Tesla say their code has zero defects because they fight against any reports of defects in order to ensure defects are tolerated, while claiming they shouldn’t be accused of defects at the very moment when someone reports an obvious defect to them.

See the problem?

Here’s a perfect example: a high-profile celebrity was being obviously racist against Blacks. Elon Musk, upset by people reporting racism, immediately spun up a loud public reaction just to fraudulently claim anti-racism is a global conspiracy against whites.

Elon Musk accused “the media” and “elite colleges and high schools” of being “racist” against white and Asian people, espousing his views without providing evidence. Musk tweeted these statements in response to news that media organizations around the U.S. decided to cut the comic strip “Dilbert” after its creator, Scott Adams, disparaged Black people in a racist rant on his YouTube channel.

How dare people be anti-racist on Elon Musk’s watch? The racist CEO isn’t having it. It’s so dumb to see him fraudulently try to spin anti-racism into being anti-white when some of the best and most famous anti-racists in history are… wait for it… white. Hello President Grant?

It reminds me of the KKK murdering anyone who dared to call them racists. Shooting messengers didn’t really accomplish what they thought it would, yet there’s Elon bringing back 1830s cancel culture by spouting angry false conspiracy rants about “the media”…like he wants to start a race war.

The U.S. federal government, in a nod to 1970s anti-Apartheid let alone 1870s anti-KKK, has just announced it is forced to sue this obviously racist South African CEO for running an intentionally “prolific” racist workplace in America.

…Tesla, Inc., violated federal law by tolerating widespread and ongoing racial harassment of its Black employees and by subjecting some of these workers to retaliation for opposing the harassment, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charged in a lawsuit filed today.

According to the EEOC’s suit, since at least 2015 to the present, Black employees at Tesla’s Fremont, California manufacturing facilities have routinely endured racial abuse, pervasive stereotyping, and hostility as well as epithets such as variations of the N-word, “monkey,” “boy,” and “black b*tch.” Slurs were used casually and openly in high-traffic areas and at worker hubs. Black employees regularly encountered graffiti, including variations of the N-word, swastikas, threats, and nooses, on desks and other equipment, in bathroom stalls, within elevators, and even on new vehicles rolling off the production line, the EEOC said.

The EEOC’s investigation also found that those who raised objections to racial hostility suffered various forms of retaliation, including terminations, changes in job duties, transfers, and other adverse employment actions.

It is notable that investigators have revealed Elon Musk’s family primarily were anti-Semitic “technocracy” loons when they supported Hitler in WWII. Their plan with technology was to establish and maintain fascist control.

After losing the war they took refuge in the white supremacist movement of South African Apartheid, which is when they started targeting Blacks with their hate.

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