CA Tesla Kills Two in “Veered” Crash Into Tree

Condolences are pouring out in Fresno by a community that says it’s “shocked” to hear a Tesla suddenly “veered” into a tree and killed its passengers, like so many others.

Dr. Alfred Valles, 50, and Selina Valles, 46, were killed at 9:30 p.m. Friday when they were traveling north on Friant Road and crashed into a tree in the middle divider of Friant near Rice Road, north of Champlain Drive. Police confirmed Monday the vehicle involved was a Tesla…

Perhaps that tree saved lives by preventing another head-on collision.

Source: Google Maps


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2 thoughts on “CA Tesla Kills Two in “Veered” Crash Into Tree”

  1. Teslas have weak and unreliable suspension systems, they are prone to suffer sudden suspension failure, causing a wheel to literally come off the car and a immediate crash. There are numerous examples of fatal single car Tesla accidents caused by sudden suspension failure. Why do the regulators refuse to take action after years of investigating?

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