NASA Realizes Being a Nazi Does Not Mean Someone Knows How to Build Rockets

OceanGate of the sky.

NASA allegedly told SpaceX that the rocket launch this week could NOT be another X.

NASA needed this second attempt to go off without a hitch, Jim Free, NASA’s associate administrator for exploration-systems development, said at a space conference last month. “We need that to be successful to get us that much further down the road.”

It had to work, actually succeed in mission, to meet a moon landing schedule for 2025. Instead, as one should have expected from the man known best for promoting Nazism, this rocket X’d itself out of the sky.

Once again we have to remember that SpaceX was founded by a man who ridiculed and mocked the cautious culture of NASA by boasting he could deliver a Mars landing by 2018… a scam setup to take money from NASA like a giant advanced fee fraud.

Mars 2018? Look at the date.

Moon 2025? Just blew that up.

SpaceX, despite killing and maiming its workers in a mindless rush to repeat errors, cut corners and ignore science, apparently can’t even achieve the basic space flight without historic failure.

…one would think that this prominent NASA tribute to someone who used massive amounts of slave labor – with inhumane, lethal consequences – should at least be put in a box somewhere.
It’s time.

Maybe SpaceX should change it’s name to just X, to focus on the CEO’s notorious habit of using his brands as a vehicle to spread hate speech.

It’s notable NASA has been indirectly funding overt Nazis again like it’s the 1950s… perhaps thinking there was some kind of velocity magic (anti-gravity tricks) in hiring cruel, abusive fascists. The government agency must have started to realize by now, however, that being a Nazi doesn’t mean someone knows anything about how to build a rocket.

A 1953 illustration of 3-stage Ferry Rocket concept from the notorious German Nazi Wernher von Braun. He promised Hitler a “Wunderwaffe” (miracle weapon) to kill all the Jews, which obviously never happened. After WWII he was feted by NASA, who even pushed him onto Disney to broadcast his unhinged fascist ideas onto children.

As the German historians put it, NASA clearly trampled on corpses in their past. A chilling fact is more people died working for Werner von Braun building his rockets to serve Hitler (he personally selected slaves out of Nazi slave camps that he would kill) than his rockets ever managed to actually hit:

Für seine Weltraumpläne ging er über Leichen… Bei der Produktion verloren mehr Menschen ihr Leben als bei den Einschlägen. Unter unmenschlichen Bedingungen arbeiteten KZ-Häftlinge in einem Bergwerksstollen bei Nordhausen in Thüringen an der Raketenmontage.

Arguably America succeeded because of the many talented hidden Black women working at NASA, in spite of the outlandish and loudmouthed Nazi in their way who had failed so miserably as Hitler’s minion before he came to depend on them and steal their success.

NASA moon shot glass, which should be updated to “X is not an option”

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