AR Tesla Kills Two in “Veered” Crash

Details suggest the Tesla drifted on a wide curve and then spun into oncoming traffic.

According to an Arkansas State Police preliminary fatal crash summary, 48-year-old Tourke Hooker, of Camden, was traveling south in a 2018 Tesla T3 when he negotiated a curve and lost control of the vehicle, rotating counter-clockwise and crossing the centerline into the northbound lane. The rear of the vehicle collided with a northbound 2017 Nissan Maxima driven by Ashley French, 28, of Magnolia.


Rainy conditions and wet roads were noted in the report, filed by ASP Cpl. Sequoyah Browning. Time of the accident was 7:34 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023.

24 hour weather before the crash. Source: TimeandDate

Does that say a T3? They meant a Tesla Model 3, surely.

And negotiated a curve? The Tesla somehow rotated counter-clockwise on a slight bend across a double yellow and veered into oncoming traffic. Sounds like a Tesla control arm failure, a known unfixed design defect. Or worse, the Tesla was on faulty “Autopilot” and confused a double yellow divider for the right shoulder, jerking the car suddenly to the left into oncoming traffic.

Highway 79 South of Camden is only ever a very wide arc, nearly straight, if you survey where the crash was reported.

Source: MapBox
Does this curve look like it needs negotiating? Note there are two lanes on the left (missing white divider paint) and a double yellow for southbound lane, the kind of road Tesla “Autopilot” is known to fail catastrophically. Alleged scene of the crime. Source: Google Maps

Not to mention the Camden posted speed limit of 40 mph.

Source: Google Maps

Let’s be honest, Arkansas press isn’t known for its reporting integrity.

For further proof, note the two ads posted on such tragic news of those killed by a Tesla: a funeral home planner, and a grim reaper from Facebook trying to scare people into giving “$10 and 1 non-perishable food item”.

Source: ArkAdelphian

Here again is an example of reporting integrity failure in Arkansas. An ad placement of a white hand that apparently is celebrating death of a Black woman, as the end of debt.

Source: MagnoliaReporter

Awful, callous, shameless.

The text of the obituary for Ashley French says she was a student of healthcare and a mother of two. She was killed by the Tesla on her way to class, in front of other commuting students.

Ashley French was enrolled in the SAU Tech LPN/Paramedic to RN Program. She was commuting from her home in Magnolia to the campus when the accident happened. French had recently completed the university’s PN Program and was actively involved in the current RN program.

The Dean asked for prayers for Ashley’s family, including her two children, and the SAU Tech community. The incident has affected the university, with students and faculty expressing their sadness. Some students, who also travel from Magnolia, saw the accident.

Ashley French was known in the university community for her kindness and smile. Her death has had a significant effect on the SAU Tech community.

The tragedy of Tesla is unlike any other vehicle on the road.

The more Tesla the more tragic death. Without fraud there would be no Tesla. Source:

And the Arkansas press, one of the least informed and most racist in the world, needs a serious integrity audit.

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