Instead of “recall” we should start saying “nail in Tesla’s coffin”

Another day, another recall for Tesla. Over 2 million cars including the Model Cybertruck, Model X, Model Y, and Model S have been flagged to fix a serious safety defect.

Here’s an interesting perspective on this recall and the ongoing severe lack of quality with Tesla.

It’s a seemingly never ending list at this point. I’ve lost count of Tesla’s recalls, and I just can’t be bothered to keep hitting the ‘next page’ on this website. From the start, Musk seemed to make arbitrary design and manufacturing decisions, like sourcing consumer-grade screens and electronics that couldn’t survive the extreme environmental conditions that automobiles go through (those screens, of course, failed, which prompted a real recall program that reached all the way to China and an investigation by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority).


Perhaps we should just call them “yet another nail in Tesla’s reputation,” or “yet another sign of what happens when you offer overpriced cars with bland design and crappy construction standards”…

Without fraud there would be no Tesla.

If we aren’t supposed to use the word recall to describe an exploding number of serious defects and symptoms of fraud, we might as well start talking about them as nails in the Tesla coffin.

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