“Dawn of Correction”: Thrash Metal Drummer Beats Elon Musk With a $56B Reckoning

Richard Tornetta (far left) in “DOC”. Source: Metal Archives

Leave it to metal drummers to play with a higher calling, refuse to be told they are wrong to fight ill-gotten power.

The plaintiff in the case was Richard Tornetta, the former drummer of the Philadelphia thrash band Dawn of Correction.

Attorneys representing Tornetta claimed that Musk unilaterally dictated the compensation terms and influenced the negotiations. They also argued that shareholder approval was based on a proxy statement with incomplete and misleading information.


“His name is now etched in the annals of corporate law,” [Columbus law professor] Talley said of the drummer. “My students will be reading Tornetta v Musk for the next 10 years.”

This court case allegedly has delivered Elon Musk the biggest legal loss in U.S. history. A controversial $56 billion package at Tesla that he cooked himself five years ago has been struck down, as yet more evidence of fraud rolls in at the disgraced and deadly car brand.

“Forked Tongue” by Dawn of Correction:

Clear evidence of Elon Musk’s forked tongue, as exposed with simple questions in court:

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