Putin Dismissed Crocus City Hall Warnings and Sent Russians to Their Death

The reporting and advance warning was unmistakable.

On March 7, the U.S. government went public with a remarkably precise warning: The U.S. Embassy in Moscow was monitoring unspecified reports that “extremists have imminent plans to target large gatherings in Moscow, to include concerts.” It warned U.S. citizens in Moscow to avoid big events over the next 48 hours.

Yet as the U.S. warned privately and publicly of danger to Russian civilians, the Russian dictator ran angry counterspin propaganda to undermine safety in his own country.

Putin’s public reaction was dismissive. Three days before the attack, he condemned what he called “provocative statements” from the West about possible attacks within Russia. Such warnings were aimed at intimidating Russians and destabilizing the country, he said.

The US embassy posted a public warning to avoid gatherings, yet Putin didn’t.

Sending Russians to an early grave has been a hallmark of Putin, given hundreds of thousands killed by him on suicide missions invading neighboring countries.

Now the dictator is in a pickle, trying to somehow connect his own orders to commit mass murder of Orthodox Slavs in Ukraine to his gross negligence of Islamist terror attacks in Moscow.

In a sad twist, Putin also has put egregious scenes of illegal torture into the public view, emphasizing death as the better option for Russians than staying alive.

…the Russian Constitution outlaws torture. It is also part of the United Nations Convention Against Torture. Since torture is a crime both under international law and in many countries, defense lawyers would normally seek to have any testimony extracted under torture thrown out because it is notoriously unreliable, said Scott Roehm, the director for global policy and advocacy a the Minnesota-based Center for Victims of Torture, which works around the world.

Rumor has it that several poor, innocent immigrant men were just tricked by Russia into accepting money for “work” only to be tortured and thrown in front of a kangaroo court. Putin throws away lives to prove he doesn’t care about lives, similar to how Elon Musk runs Tesla. It’s also similar to the recent human trafficking system Russia was caught running on YouTube to advertise false jobs that instead sent Indian men to front lines of war and almost instant death in Ukraine.

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