Tesla FSD V.12.3.6 Attempts to Crash Head-On Into Police Car

A swastika (formally known as Twitter) user named @FixorFkit has posted a video of themselves in a Tesla nearly crashing head-on into a police car.

Crossing over double yellow at high speed with a blind curve into the path of an oncoming police car? The driver (swearing and swerving) seems perhaps shaken most by the idea that police would pull him over and hold a Tesla owner accountable.

The commentary posted on swastika also is chilling, not least of all because it ends with some unhinged cult-like mysticism.

#Tesla vs. Police 🥊 (FSD V12.3.6 FAIL – AutoPilot trying to pass a cyclist, instead FSD aims at a cop head on 💥 🤦🏼‍♂️) – (Filmed 5/3/24)

One of the most horrific drives I had with FSD yet! Tesla #AutoPilot tries passing a cyclist, would’ve been a head-on collision with a police officer. Important to be alert w/FSD. I took over and pulled us back to safety!

@elonmusk needs to fix this sh*t before August 2024 #robotaxi / CyberCab announcement. I believe in you Elon!

Believe? This is suicide.

So today we are supposed to be impressed that Tesla FSD is just neural nets learning on their own and that magically makes people safe? Ok, for those unfamiliar with history, here’s a harsh yet fair depiction of what non-technical swastika-loving suicidal cult believers usually have to come to terms with.

Their mysticism doesn’t end well. It’s May 8th today, still known as a holiday in France (as well as Berlin) because Victory in Europe Day. It was supposed to be the official end of Hitler believers.

Source: defense.gov

Tesla FSD is in fact going to be worse than this history, however, because remotely controlled robots’ suicidal tendencies behave more like kamikaze VBIED prowling public streets to kill others, rather than disinformation-addled nutjobs hiding underground pointing a pistol only at their own head.

How many innocent people must die before Tesla is banned?

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