Tesla May Have Lit Its Own German Factory On Fire To Hide Collapse of Sales

Rumors are circulating in Berlin anti-terror channels (perhaps a local attempt at dry humor) that Tesla probably attempted to pull a “Reichstag Fire” to win public support (and collect insurance, plus write off losses) for rapidly sinking car sales.

Elon Musk’s German Tesla plant suffers close to $1 billion in damages after attack by the ‘dumbest ecoterrorists on earth’

Elon Musk calling out the “dumbest ecoterrorists on earth” sounds like projection. Isn’t that what we should call Tesla owners with their cars on fire, throwing away a years worth of water for a whole town in just a day, or dumping their cars in a junkyard before 10,000 miles on the odometer?

I know one thing for certain, that anyone claiming “huge losses” from shutting down a factory making cars that nobody wants to buy… is blowing a lot of big smoke.

Germans are saying the math is totally cooked, such that any claimed losses are likely low if any loss at all. The supposed billions in damage from a simple power outage might have actually been a huge gain to an unnecessary factory making cars that aren’t selling. Not to mention claiming that a power outage causes losses in the billions makes Tesla look like they don’t understand anything about manufacturing.

Dumbest factory ever?

Whether or not Elon Musk paid the Russian mob to blow up his own factory power system in a ham-fisted attempt to childishly frame “left wing” groups while trying to stick his hand out for government aid, the fact is Tesla car sales continue to plummet and they should close the factory anyway.

It’s so bad now that while German car sales overall climbed in 2024 at nearly 10% (20% higher in April alone), Tesla slipped and fell down 36.3% in the first quarter of 2024 versus last year.

Yes, that’s right, nearly 40% fewer Tesla were registered in Germany so far this year as compared to last year. Meanwhile car sales are way up for other brands.

Why would anyone in Germany buy a Tesla? If the factory isn’t able to handle a power outage just imagine how poorly they design cars. Probably a death trap.

Something that may have helped protect the sanity of German car culture from falling prey to Tesla insanity and vulture tactics is a national resistance to the kind of high-pressure lies and propaganda that burns so many Americans.

Compare and contrast March to April and Tesla looks absolutely desperate to prey on fools.

March: Prices going up!

April: Haha suckers!

That biggest-ever stockpile would have been even bigger if the factory hadn’t been mysteriously forced to shutdown “by the ‘dumbest ecoterrorists on earth’”.

You can see the stockpile here: https://maps.app.goo.gl/giPenEYnHaMM5fCg7?g_st=ic

Update three days later, due to weak demand:

…production at the Grünheide Tesla plant southeast of Berlin will cease on May 10…

Who is to blame now?

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