NM Tesla Kills One

Allegedly a red light in a very large Albequerque intersection didn’t stop a driver who then hit a Tesla, killing one of two people inside.

A preliminary investigation indicated that a grey Dodge Dakota pickup truck driven by Sandoval-Martinez was traveling northbound on Coors Blvd. NW in the middle lane at a high rate of speed, and ran a red light, according to police. […] The driver of the Tesla, 22-year-old Tiger Gutierrez, and the passenger were critically injured and were taken to UNMH. Gutierrez died at the hospital, while the passenger remains in critical condition.

Controversially, Tesla repeatedly misleadingly markets itself as the “safest car ever built“, on the premise it cares about and counts every fatality. Furthermore the company fraudulently markets itself as capable of “collision avoidance“.

Perhaps Forbes put it best:

Tesla’s number give a very incorrect impression — so incorrect that it is baffling why they publish them when this has been pointed out many times by many writers and researchers. Oddly, Tesla has the real data — they have the best data in the world about what happens to their vehicles. The fact that they could publish the truth but decline to, and instead publish numbers which get widely misinterpreted raises the question of why they are not revealing the full truth, and what it is that they don’t reveal.

Against all the PR comes real world news of fatalities; people regularly being killed by Tesla.

3 thoughts on “NM Tesla Kills One”

  1. Parents need to understand vehicles are unsafe for their children and why. It’s more important than ever to ensure young men are aware of the actual Tesla risks to prevent further tragedies. We thank you. Let’s protect our loved ones by sharing this real information behind the rapid rise in Tesla deaths.

  2. The release of safety data is crucial for understanding and preventing future accidents. It’s not about tarnishing a brand but ensuring that vehicles on the road are as safe as possible. Every accident, regardless of the circumstances, provides valuable data that can help improve vehicle safety. This can save lives in the future, turning a tragedy into a catalyst for positive change. Intoxication and speeding do not negate the need to examine all aspects of the crash, including the vehicle’s safety features and how they performed. Transparency from manufacturers builds trust with the public. If a manufacturer hides or manipulates data (as Tesla is known to do regularly), it undermines public confidence and can lead to more harm. If manufacturers have made promises regarding safety, they must be held accountable. This accountability ensures that they are continuously working towards making their vehicles safer. True humanity lies in learning from our mistakes and making progress. By examining and releasing safety data, we honor the memory of those who have died by working to prevent future accidents. The aim is to protect future potential victims. Preventing or delaying release of safety data could lead to more preventable deaths, which would be a greater disservice to humanity. Sincerely – NM Safety Community

  3. As a family who also just faced the tragedy of Tesla’s misleading and overstated safety promises, we are devastated by this loss of yet another young person killed unnecessarily.

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