Another Day Another Totaled Cybertruck

Apparently the steering design flipped the truck upside down.

…debris on the road shows that it must have tried to turn at high speed but failed to do so, went over the center line, hit the steep embankment on the other side of the road, and flipped over.

…the Cybertruck with its belly up in Mississippi is far from being the first accident involving a Cybertruck. The model has been involved in several crashes since Tesla started deliveries on November 30, 2023.

With so many crashes and safety recalls already in its first six months, despite very low volume of sales, this may be recorded as proof that Ford Pinto critics were right.

The market is still slow to fully recognize this failed company, as many shameless investors try to claim it can escape exploding technical debt and lawsuits.

Tesla’s global sales fell for the second straight quarter despite price cuts and low-interest financing offers, another sign of weakening demand for the company’s products and electric vehicles overall. …”In a nutshell, the worst is in the rearview mirror for Tesla,” [a big investor] wrote. The company, he wrote, cut 10% to 15% of its workforce…

High rates of customer loss, and then staff fired to achieve profits, doesn’t make for a compelling investment story.

Tesla insurance evidently has stopped payments.

A Marble Falls man said a hail storm damaged his Tesla back in April, and he’s still waiting on Tesla Insurance to step up.

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