Kiwicon X: Pwning ML for Fun and Profit

I presented “Pwning ML for Fun and Profit” at Kiwicon X

When: Friday, Nov 18th, 2016 at 14:15
Where: Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington

Everyone is talking ML this and AI that as if they expect some kind of Utopian beast to be waiting just behind the next door and whisk us all away to a technological-paradise. It would seem dire warnings of every Sci-Fi book and movie ever haven’t been enough to dissuade people from cooking statistics and math into an techno-optimist soup of dubious origin and expecting us to swallow. Obviously security can’t just sit here and watch the catastrophes unfold. I aim to lay out some of the most awful yet still amusing examples of how and why we can and will break things. This presentation attempts to offer the audience a refreshingly realistic look at the terrible flaws in ML, the ease of altering outcomes and the dangers ahead.

Copy of Presentation: kiwiconX.daviottenheimer.pdf (5 MB)

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