Texas Police Violently Assault Cyclist Without Cause

Jaywalking is a fantasy crime, as I’ve explained in detail here before.

It’s a completely bogus framework of law designed to promote wealthy white car ownership, and moreover normalize racist violence against non-motorists.

Texas is a fourth-world country that likes to hurt people, and is more proud of its legacy of slavery (“Remember the Alamo”) or hate doctrines (“Lone Star”) than anything else.

Put these two things together and… color me surprised that the notoriously tyrannical College Station police within the backwards state of Texas were just caught on film being obvious thugs and bullies.

In Texas they simply don’t care.

Was the cyclist riding around where nobody was at risk somehow posing a risk? There’s no risk and the cyclist keeps asking “for what?”

If the police don’t care, they don’t care. Eventually the police said there was a minor traffic violation.

In other words, can you believe Texas police actually were concerned with anyone’s safety? The video shows police treating a cyclist as convenient punching bag and target for their itchy fingers… with no evidence of threat.

Even the wider context doesn’t help change this narrative. The police themselves say they just wanted to prove a point by hurting the cyclist because he didn’t “obey” them.

The Texas police literally crashed (dropped their bike) without justification and then claimed falsely that they were most concerned with stopping crashes.

Police said at 1:04 p.m. the bicyclist was seen running through a red light at University and Nagle Street.

In other words, a cyclist rode in a manner the police disliked and didn’t seem to take their anger seriously. To force him to respect their authority to continue enforcing pointless and racist laws, then they did the dumbest thing possible and perhaps lost all respect.

There are many rational SAFETY-BASED reasons for cyclists to both ride through red lights as well as “jaywalk”.

  • Cyclists in Paris are now allowed to ride through red lights, and San Francisco is mulling a similar move.
  • Two thirds of bike commuters run red lights: “…three main reasons: the need to turn, the failure of a signal to recognize them at an intersection, and the absence of others on the road…”
  • “I treat red lights and stop signs as if they were yield signs. A fundamental concern of ethics is the effect of our actions on others. My actions harm no one.”
  • Virginia Cyclists Can Now Run Red Lights

Logically (ethically) and historically the cyclist already was on more firm ground than the police, and then a pointless violent assault removed the moral standing police obviously thought they deserved.

Now read this:

ā€˜Iā€™m Speechless.ā€™ We Asked Law-Enforcement Officers Around the World How American Policing Looks From Abroad.

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