Even More Florida Teslas Spontaneously Erupt Into Fire

I’ve warned before that Tesla is unsafe by design. Here’s yet another example of the incompetent and malicious engineering culture of Elon Musk that intentionally puts society in danger.

The North Collier Fire District told the station that it has had to cut into four Teslas in the past week to put out fires.

Four in a week! That’s one more per week than the number of Teslas catching on fire when there isn’t a hurricane in Florida.

Multiple Cars Damaged in Miami Tesla Dealership Fire

I’d ask who could have seen Tesla fires coming after a hurricane, except for the very widely reported car safety news about a decade ago in 2012:

Fisker Karmas Catch Fire After Being Submerged By Hurricane Sandy Flood

Let me just point out right now a lot of Karmas caught on fire and yet very few of them were made.

It was a design flaw.

The same design flaw reported in 2018 Maseratis.

The torrents of salt water reportedly caused car batteries to explode and fuelled a roaring inferno that swallowed the sports cars in seconds.

There aren’t a lot of Maseratis on the road either. These are rare cars.

And what do you think Tesla engineers did in response to year after year of alarming reports of fire risk from water? Apparently they were paid to stick their head in the Florida sand and wait for the same disaster to happen again because of a known flaw in their own design.

So here we are reading about four similar fires the past week alone AT MASSIVE EXPENSE TO TAXPAYERS.

Other cars do not have such high rates of predictable failures and fires due to design flaws compared with Tesla, for a very simple reason that I’ve pointed out before.

Nonetheless people continue to throw around speculation as to why Tesla is in the news today, doing their best to believe it can’t be because Tesla engineering is the worst.

Some would like to argue for example more fires is a function of Tesla putting more cars on the road, but I’ve easily debunked such dangerous theories before.

It not only is probably factually proven false, it is immoral logic that contradicts Tesla themselves (their CEO boldly claimed in 2013 he would quickly deliver the safest car on the road, which today still sounds as absurd as it did then).

Or to put it another way, California has far more Teslas on the road than Florida yet a rate of fires in Florida is higher now. It’s NOT just a function of how many cars there are.

One death is too many, and every fire should be prevented, which everyone except the seemingly incompetent Tesla engineers seem to be able to grasp. What’s really going on here has been easily visualized for years and it’s getting worse for Tesla.

Source: tesladeaths.com

That data is from a year ago, such that the Tesla death bar has since exploded even higher to 320 while the others have stayed at basically none!

Their unusual failure rate is yet another reminder Joshua Brown being killed by his “rare” Tesla in Florida was a tragic foreshadowing, not an exception.

What’s thus overlooked far too often is that the other car makers, despite lots of cheating and games, do tend to care about safety and be far better engineered than Tesla by design because heavily regulated.

Tesla is directly opposed to regulation, especially safety regulations, and has become renowned as the worst quality car on the road.

The CEO of Tesla (in a strange throw-back to Ford’s namesake breeding violent racism) has demonstrated zero concern for human life, which make his products obvious outliers in a usually regulated industry.

In related news, German sales of Tesla have crashed while other EV cars are selling more than ever. Here’s an example of exactly why:

…eight months old, only 30,000 kilometers on the clock – and already a case for the scrap yard. Manfred Bley (66) was driving his Tesla taxi on the Langenhorner Chaussee at 1:40 p.m. with no passengers when smoke suddenly erupted from the dashboard.

This owner (lucky not to be killed by Tesla) says he is “a bit disappointed” that the engineering he paid a premium to own turned out to be just toxic garbage destroying the planet.

To be clear, Tesla demonstrably sold FAR FEWER cars than other EV manufacturers in Germany yet it still shows up as the ONLY spontaneous combustion disaster.

Ignored design flaws, unregulated engineering, incompetent management… a worsening Tesla death and disaster curve has unfortunately been not hard to predict.

Source: tesladeaths.com

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