Yet Another Tesla Megapack Fire: Charging Station Closed New Year’s Day

Tesla is so prone to failure, you can be sure their “no holiday” culture always will be ruining someone’s holiday somewhere.

I’ve written here about a Thanksgiving fire and Christmas fire already.

Both were horrible tragedies for people who unfortunately had a Tesla in their neighborhood.

It’s time now of course to write about New Year’s Day.

This incident is smilar to a recent Megapack fire in California that shut down a major highway and forced residents to “shelter” from toxic fumes.

The fires in the energy storage systems at Moss Landing are reminiscent of incidents involving Tesla Megapacks in Australia. […] California Highway Patrol closed a section of Highway 1 and redirected traffic away from the facility for hours following the fire.

Here’s the Australian news they referenced, just to reiterate Tesla’s willful disregard for safety is an environmental disaster.

Australia’s Financial Review reported that the fire triggered a toxic smoke warning, and authorities instructed residents in nearby suburbs to close their doors and windows, and turn off heating and cooling systems.

Another large Tesla battery “pack” just burst into flames January 1st.

Tesla’s poorly engineered power cells sitting on a trailer caught fire, closing a Tesla station. Source: PlugShare
One Tesla owner claims they didn’t expect failure on the busiest day, while another tries to warn “on fire!!!”

The proprietary charging model of Tesla is the opposite of smart. Can you imagine failure rates if Ford required Ford gasoline from Ford stations? Tesla’s horrible closed minded engineering means you don’t have to imagine.

Members of a Tesla driver’s Facebook group reported waiting nearly three hours to charge their cars…. On Twitter, a Tesla car owner who braved the queue said: ‘Really upsetting to have whole family wait for two hours to charge car.’

Friends and family don’t let friends or family near anything to do with Tesla.

Tesla fires also are more dangerous than just environmental disasters and long wait times. Deaths have been dramatically increasing due to flaws made by inexperienced and rushed Tesla engineers, who are notoriously exhausted and yet being overworked by design.

Tesla “jealousy fire drill” management culture allegedly prefers workers lonely and desperate, even sleeping on the job, or they’re at risk of being fired for spending time with family (“disloyalty” to an attention sucking CEO).

When an employee asked the CEO for time to see family he was reprimanded as “definitely not on board with Tesla’s mission and values.”

Forced into long hours without breaks, including lack of holidays, workers turn into zombies with a “Tesla stare“.

The [Tesla CEO] wanted [employees] who were tough, unemotional and unempathetic and who had weak attachments to others, and [he] understood that withholding [benefits] would support that goal.

Even more to the point, Tesla safety declined predictably as basic health and safety were denied. All because a CEO doesn’t demonstrate any care about others, only about himself.

Tesla has tried to announce an “UNPAID PAID” Time Off (PTO) day to discourage workers from getting holiday time with their families.

Mega failure after mega failure…

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  1. Which Oil company pays Elon Musk to make this garbage? Thank you for fighting the good fight. I won’t waste my time correcting him, as he is paid to create FUD. Just announced taking ad money from political extremists. Total POS.

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