Tesla in Deadly Pole Position: FSD Kills More People

I’ve been noticing that Tesla lately are abruptly veering and crashing into poles.

Tesla’s CEO promised his customers that by 2018 they “do not need to touch the wheel“. This brand new 2018 Model 3 in California, produced by a polluting factory littered with engineering failures, immediately revealed the opposite. Without fraud there would be no Tesla.

This pole position is usually fatal.

And we know already that Tesla is by far the least safe, least trusted, EV maker because of its uniquely high rate of fatalities.

10 out of 10 “Driverless” Fatalities Were Caused by Tesla

Yet investigations of a Tesla in its usual pole position seem very brief and sketchy, instead of thorough and conclusive.

The woman was in a Tesla Model 3 northbound in the 27000 block of Sunnyridge Road about 11:35 a.m. [Aug 30] when, for unknown reasons, she turned right and hit the pole, California Highway Patrol Capt. Joe Zizi said.

Unknown reasons for turning into a pole and dying.

Here’s another abrupt pole position just a week earlier.

…hit a pole next to the road. The Atlanta Police Department’s Accident Investigation Unit is on scene and working to determine what led up to the crash.

Speeding, sleeping, movies, drugs, alcohol — all the usual things Tesla owners do after being told with extreme confidence by the CEO to ignore their steering wheel — surely will be investigated instead of applying basic science to reveal FSD is just fraud.

To put it simply, Tesla is causing more crashes by design and intention. Reading warnings about being attentive is actually worse when at the same time being told by the CEO to ignore them.

Having no warnings at all would actually decrease crashes, versus overconfidence that comes directly from being fed Tesla safety warnings brashly discredited by its CEO.

…countermeasures sometimes may increase danger, rather than diminish it [because] in the rare event it is [needed], the warning will no longer be received and there may be a victim. […] A warning that is not perceived as needed will not be heeded–even when it is needed.

At the start of 2022 a video was posted that clearly warned that version 10 of Tesla’s FSD had a pole position problem, if you remember (aside from running red lights).

That was right around the same time as yet another “Tesla driver dead” headline from Florida.

Highway Patrol said the man was in a Tesla that was traveling westbound… lost control and collided with the utility pole in the eastbound lanes. The vehicle then became engulfed in flames.

And also there’s this one from 2021.

…traveling west along Dey Road around 9 a.m. when the 2021 vehicle crossed into the eastbound lane as the car approached a curve, according to police. The car struck a pole in the eastbound shoulder of the two-lane country road…

Fell asleep (as instructed by the Tesla CEO) and, when approaching a curve, crossed into the oncoming traffic lane and struck a pole on the opposite shoulder.

The story even includes the line “officer who responded was not sure if the Tesla was in auto-pilot mode”.

Again and again.

Speeding? It’s a Tesla, so it’s speeding because the CEO has said it was designed for speed. Yet another reason to blame its design for failures.

We can’t just leave all these pole positions in such an unknown, unsure, state of investigation.

Shewhart Cycle for Learning and Improvement and the PDSA Cycle were the foundation of U.S. Army statistician Deming’s management of Japanese post-war car manufacturing including a mass-produced Nissan EV in 1947.

Tesla seems to have a very unique problem that demands focused study of how they alone are killing so many people so quickly.

…all Tesla issues we have covered so far never seem to get fixed…. That is also the impression Philip Koopman has after checking a video that clearly shows Navigate on Autopilot keeps getting involved in easily avoidable crashes…

If planes were suddenly veering and crashing (e.g. downdrafts or autopilot software error) there would be focused concern. Even saying it was a drunk crew in a stormy and low visibility landing wouldn’t end the case. Answers and prevention would be required, especially if it led to a design flaw affecting one particular aircraft.

With cars it’s the opposite, as people may treat crashes incorrectly as throwaway and isolated.

…the car was on Navigate on Autopilot until about two seconds before the crash. Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) was activated, but did not prevent the collision. When it did so, it turned off Navigate on Autopilot, which may allow Tesla to say it was not technically engaged when the crash occurred.

It’s becoming clearer with every Tesla crash that without fraud, there would be no Tesla.

All that being said, the thing coming up lately is that FSD (despite being promoted by the CEO as a collision avoidance feature) may have a major defect: every Tesla may be at risk of swerving to crash directly into a pole.

However, inhibiting ongoing investigations and research is an army of tolls and orcs (pro-Russian trolls characterized by disorganization, minimal intelligence, and overwhelming bitterness). These accounts demand any related car crash reports online never include the word “Tesla”.

Here’s a perfect example. Peter Talbot about a week ago posted this report to The News Tribune:

A driver crashed into a traffic signal pole Saturday afternoon in South Tacoma, causing life-threatening injuries to himself and killing a woman in the passenger seat, according to police. Tacoma Police Department said the driver was going west on South 56th Street when he struck a pole at the intersection of Washington Street, two blocks from South Tacoma Way. Police said the car, a Tesla, briefly caught fire. […] It’s unclear what caused the crash.

Unclear cause. Maybe the car had a design flaw (highly likely) or maybe it was something else.

Of course the car brand is extremely relevant and necessary to investigators because a car has a designer, which is why it’s a common detail in news reports. Who created the defective design?

Now read these trolls in the comments, as they very clumsily attempt to erase the car brand.

Demanding to know the “other automobile involved” is a good sign orcs are at work here, and even unintelligent robots. That “Eve” account looks suspiciously dedicated to just attacking people critical of Tesla.

Calling the car brand political is an even stronger sign of systemic pollution.


That’s clearly an account setup for grinding a political axe unrelated to any actual story. They regularly churn out generic Russian hits like this:

Sep 24, 2022: What’s crude is this site’s and all you other’s support for communism.
Sep 25, 2022 Just another communist rag…
Oct 1, 2022: This globalist site catering to the gullible…
Oct 8, 2022: This site is a leftist echo chamber.
Nov 26, 2022: This sight is just another leftist echo chamber.
Dec 3, 2022: The gullible lefties on this sight will believe anything. 

You get the idea. Talk about a car crash and… leftist this, communist that, a “sports fan” who can’t see the difference between site and sight says you’re a Marxist.

(Protip: orcs often use “sports fan” comments to build personas that have allies in a conflict topic, before being launched as mercenaries into social forums).

While it’s reported that Tesla has no human PR department (because ethics got in the way), I wonder if anyone has ever probed for their annual budget allocated to social media trolls.

Seriously, Elon Musk is renowned for hating humans and wanting to replace everyone with robots designed to look like small black women. It just may be that he has a huge PR department when you account for him fueling robots to relentlessly attack media and interfere with safety investigations. His pole position seems criminal.

Update January 22: Pool position? A Tesla mysteriously veered suddenly off the street into a pool, killing the driver.

Update January 29: Another mysterious pole position fatality.

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