Monopolist Service Enrages Tesla Owner: $29K Bill for Minor Damage and No Delivery Date

As I’ve mentioned before several times here, monopolists are fascists by another name. That fundamental history lesson aside, I’m seeing more and more people admitting they’ve been had by Tesla’s saccharin brand of techno-utopian nonsense .

…while shipping out about 300,000 brand new Model 3s with the same airbag, Tesla was unable [for several months] to send 1 to the body shop. Once it finally arrived the body shop did some testing and the car was having sensor issues. It turns out that the car sat for so long waiting for Tesla to decide to allocate 1 airbag to a vehicle repair, that mice had gone under the car and chewed through the wiring harness. On Tuesday Tesla promised the car would be done by the end of the day. When I checked with them on Wednesday to see if the new wiring harness was in, they replied, “The wiring harness is in Virginia and hasn’t been shipped yet.” Currently this repair that was supposed to be $11,500 is at $29,794… for a deer strike.

Oh centrally controlled and planned systems. Why haven’t you ever turned out well? (hint: Utopia literally refers to fraud. The word since the 1500s has meant a place that can and will never exist).

My money is on software-defined rats in Tesla’s factory granted access to degrade wires so cars fail faster by design and juice profits… but if Tesla wants to admit it has actual physical mice trained and deployed to their service centers to wreck cars for higher repair costs, who am I to argue?

Either way this rodent-infested slow-boat service reality of owning a Tesla is downright medieval.

I mean next we’ll be reading the owner couldn’t get his car back because everyone working on it died from plague… er, I mean trying to unionize.

Can mice form a union?

People in the Bay Area used to whisper about their Tesla being incapacitated for months and years, or quietly admit they couldn’t drive for weeks at a time while they waited for “Pappa Musk” to reply to private pleas for help with repairs.

There are no negotiations, only pharaohs you can pray to.

It was like hearing “I love my centralized allocation of car so much I believe in a future where everything is perfect like mein fuhrer promises!” This kind of blind faith in superiority from sacrifice made it hard to argue, if you know what I mean.

Apparently now people are saying all kinds of bad stuff out loud, as if finally they don’t care whether an abusive relationship with a toxic CEO continues any longer.

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