Tesla Recall Rates Significantly Worse Than Any Other Car Brand

The new iSeeCars recall analysis is unmistakably damning for Tesla.

Industry experts have forever said Elon Musk doesn’t have a clue about making cars, such that his penny-pinching shortcuts put everyone on the road in danger. Now the data confirms such warnings.

First, the author isn’t messing around with dumb symantic games for the word “recall”.

Even though safety recalls that have OTA fixes are more convenient to repair, it should be noted that all safety recalls are issued for the same reason: The NHTSA conducted an analysis of complaints, opened an investigation, and identified a safety-related defect that violates its vehicle safety standards.


Talk about wiping the floor with Tesla. That’s the most direct thrashing I have seen of the asinine suggestion by their CEO that variations in method, timing or place of repair make any difference to any word used to notify owners of the need for repair.

Second, Tesla’s only four models all landed within the top five spots for WORST recall rates.

Over SIXTY safety call backs in 30 years is like the opposite of freedom. SIX ZERO. Who wants to waste their life like this, assuming they can even stay alive, with a car constantly being repaired?

Fix Or Repair Daily was what we used to call the Nazi-loving FORD. Apparently Tesla management loves Nazism even more than that? Oh, and hello Porsche. Did Nazi you.

But seriously, this chart basically shows a Tesla model S that sells the least — dated design that hasn’t been updated in over a decade — ranks best. Later models are significantly worse, suggesting the best of Tesla is long gone, such that any new cars they introduce will be even worse than SIXTY.

Model S 2012
Model X 2015
Model 3 2017
Model Y 2020

Already we see the very late and unsafe half-baked “concept truck” has been banned by regulators for dumb design failures, and the very late half-baked “concept Semi” has screen and brake failures grounding all the first dozen made. Worse and worse.

Third, the author doesn’t mince words on the extremely poor build quality of Tesla being a serious long-term problem.

Most vehicles behave like the Toyota Camry -– most of their recalls are issued when they are first introduced, with a rapid decline after 1-3 years. But some cars, like the Tesla Model S, see a pattern of ongoing recalls, or even an increasing number of recalls, as time passes. Owners of vehicles with that pattern will continue to face recall hassles for years after they acquire their car.”

Tesla is not most vehicles. It’s a far inferior brand according to the data. Regardless of how fixes are delivered, the sheer volume of predicted recalls yet again confirms nobody should buy a Tesla.

Elon Musk recently signed a letter calling for a six-month pause on development of all artificial intelligence technology [while at the same time doing the opposite and starting new projects on] a number of expensive computers from Nvidia in his AI arms race with Google and OpenAI.

Tesla relies on AI, so yeah, stop Tesla development for six months and then never let them restart.

Elon Musk telling everyone to stop AI really because he wants to keep going… to be the first to do the worst things with it, is exactly why America should ban Tesla.

You can’t deny at this point his car is nothing more than an experiment in gross negligence, to see how far fraud can go.

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