19 Year-Old Tesla Driver Kills Self Crashing Into Truck

Lately there seem to be more and more stories of very young drivers killing themselves with a brand new Tesla.

Details are few in a new Oregon police report, yet so far all signs point towards an unsafe car causing the death of an inexperienced driver.

Preliminary investigation indicates that London was driving a white 2022 Tesla Model Y 4-door sedan when his vehicle collided with a black 2022 Freightliner flatbed tow truck…

A trailer of any kind has been known to easily confuse Tesla’s poorly engineered cameras and software. Did they misread a flatbed, yet again?

It makes me wonder when police can start issuing tickets for driving under the influence… of Tesla. Here’s another recent case, with a Florida father sobbing in regret.

Driver reaction times have to be sub-second to avoid being killed by Tesla’s basic frequent software errors, even with their latest release to public roads, as I’ve recently demonstrated. In other words, you can’t trust Tesla engineering AT ALL, NOT EVEN FOR A SECOND.

This tragic news comes about a year after another high-profile Oregon Tesla crash, where the car ignored road markings and drove directly into oncoming traffic killing two people.

One thought on “19 Year-Old Tesla Driver Kills Self Crashing Into Truck”

  1. This is sad, and I don’t see anywhere in the report that they were not using Tesla’s auto-driving system. And even if they were not, it is unable to maintain control of the car (it’s software, don’t trust your life with it). People die everyday, especially young men raised without ability to reject Tesla as fraud. The sooner we ban false automated driving systems, the safer the roads will be for everyone. People lose focus, have emotions, and then unfortunately drive under the influence of Tesla. Humans not great at detecting liars are being killed by them.

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