Tesla Engineers Claim Deadly “Autopilot” Failures Since 2016 Treated as Wontfix

Tesla engineers have now confirmed what is being measured by safety experts outside, so it’s been proven to be no exaggeration to call the brand willfully negligent.

Let’s back up for a minute and admit that 2016 should have seen the end of Tesla’s “Autopilot”.

In January of that year, then again in May, Tesla’s bug-riddled software killed drivers in what has become widely known as a poorly engineered car that has an unusual propensity to crash into giant trucks. Instead of fixing the defects, or cancelling the project, the Tesla CEO dangerously instructed staff to blatantly lie (in a carefully planned deception) to generate rapid wealth from “Autopilot” sales promotions that drowned out escalating safety failures.

In April of 2018 when both Uber and Tesla each ran over and killed a pedestrian, only one of these ill-conceived “driverless” companies cancelled such ruthless public experiments. Tesla kept lying, people kept dying, and it cynically began advanced fee fraud (AFF) tactics to up-sell software with a “premium” charge even while it repeatedly failed to deliver what they promised.

2019 recorded another Tesla “Autopilot” fatality identical to 2016, despite hardware and software being different… raising the unavoidable conclusion that Tesla wasn’t even trying to fix dangerous safety flaws. This again should have shut it all down. Evidence that Tesla had been ignoring the very thing they were charging high-fees for, should have completely destroyed their competitive claims against other cars.

For at least the third time in as many years the 2019 Tesla safety claims fraud clearly should have been ended immediately by the market, let alone regulators, to prevent more lives being lost unnecessarily.

Source: Tesladeaths.com

Instead, here we are still counting ever more unnecessary fatalities, documenting even more preventable harms.

Bernie Madoff went to jail for less.

The latest case in 2023 looks like a sad repeat of the 2019 disaster, which was a repeat of the 2016 disaster. There obviously have been many more of same or similar crashes (millions of people and more are at risk presently without any warning), yet these three crashes seem to have produced the best documentation yet facilitating easy proof of an intentional deception conspiracy by Tesla.

When I first saw the new crash report, and that police had filed charges against the truck driver, I immediately suspected Tesla software would be implicated.

Crashing into trucks is a weird class of Tesla error all of its own, notably different from the growing “veered” class of Tesla crashes.

In other words, the truck driver had likely anticipated any other car would have reacted to his giant obvious broadside crossing the road. This was a notable finding from the 2016 crash, when the truck driver watched and wondered why a Tesla would suddenly change lanes to drive under his trailer at full speed and decapitate the driver.

And in 2023 a truck driver might also have read the news and innocently assumed that Tesla engineers with blood on their hands would have worked to prevent more tragedy.

These unfortunately were not two assumptions he could make, given the intentionally cheapened, blind, deaf and dumb suicidal Tesla products. The police want trucks crossing highways to keep altering behavior, when really they should be throwing the book at Tesla for operating unsafely on public roads by design.

And the NHTSA has indicated Tesla engineering is again under investigation, likely to be found at fault again.

While police are plausibly correct that a truck driver’s math didn’t calculate properly for any cars unwilling to apply brakes to prevent a crash, it’s a pedantic application of law obscuring the abject intentional failure of Tesla safety to apply brakes instead of killing someone.

Drivers and their automation experiments should be under an obligation to at least attempt to avoid certain death.

Tesla engineers say quite literally the opposite:

Tesla’s Autopilot engineers have claimed the automaker’s leadership not only knew the software was unable to detect and respond to cross traffic, it did nothing to fix it.


The Tesla CEO ordered staff to lie egregiously about safety in 2016 and has obviously continued the practice every year since even as the tragic data grows.

Lance Armstrong lost everything for less.

Communities repeatedly mourn loss of life and property after the gross negligence of a Tesla comes to town.

Why are they even allowed to sell, or keep operating on public roads? Again, let me remind you that Uber cancelled their operations in 2018 after just one fatality exactly like a Tesla, while Tesla has only increased the risks from rapidly ensnaring more victims into a giant fraud (e.g. the Bernie Madoff of car manufacturing).

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