Latest German Tesla Crashes as Bad as Ever

One of the big hyped promises of Tesla since 2013 was the more cars, the more miles, somehow the better their safety.

That was fraud, because it’s been the exact opposite, and Germans are starting to figure it out.

The more Tesla, the more disasters.

Germans unfortunately have been finding out the hard way that the risk of a new Tesla crashing is as bad as ever if not getting worse.

Of course a Tesla on German roads makes about as much sense as ordering a Coors Light on tap in Munich. What happened to German laws regulating quality?

…beers like Miller Lite, Coors Light and Bud Light are the result of the industrialization of beer and a shift away from brewing’s artisanal roots. Traditional brewing processes have been abandoned, aging times have been shortened and cheaper ingredients, like corn, have been substituted.

Traditional processes have been abandoned, times have been shortened and cheaper ingredients have been substituted… sounds like copy pulled directly from Tesla’s marketing department about their disasterous German factory.

Tesla needs to face a simple ban, if there was ever a corny car that justified a Reinheitsgebot. Even the infamous Trabbi had higher standards.

Anyway, setting aside the obvious Himalayan blunder of a “new” car factory in Germany full of “misdocumented” eastern european workers who lack freedom…

Just a few weeks ago a Tesla outside Berlin experienced sudden unattended acceleration, speeding at 100km through a 30km zone before destroying itself.

And now a Tesla outside Berlin has crashed into the back of a truck, ripping its own roof off and injuring occupants.

These are two of the signature failures of Tesla, which have become known as intentionally unfixed since at least 2016.

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