Judge: Tesla Knew Driverless Was Dangerously Defective Yet Spread It Anyway

Well duh. Finally a judge says what everyone knows.

A judge has found “reasonable evidence” that Elon Musk and other executives at Tesla knew that the company’s self-driving technology was defective but still allowed the cars to be driven in an unsafe manner anyway, according to a recent ruling issued in Florida.

Palm Beach county circuit court judge Reid Scott said he’d found evidence that Tesla “engaged in a marketing strategy that painted the products as autonomous” and that Musk’s public statements about the technology “had a significant effect on the belief about the capabilities of the products”.

Can you believe it turns out that the same guy who profited from Apartheid and spends his time shamelessly spreading dangerous anti-semitic conspiracies like he’s Henry Ford trying to help Hitler take over… also doesn’t care about all the people dying from his words and actions?

We’ve seen multiple engineers from Tesla testify that Elon Musk personally demanded fraudulent “driverless” be used as a tactic to promote their cars over the competition. Dieselgate of VW causing health concerns should be seen as a drop in the bucket, barely on the scale of intent to harm, when it is compared to Tesla killing dozens of people with intentional lies.

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Tesla’s CEO promised his customers that by 2018 they “do not need to touch the wheel”. This brand new 2018 Model 3 in California crashed almost immediately after testing his words, revealing truth: without fraud there would be no Tesla.
Tesla software accelerated into pedestrians, parked motorcycles and a van. The company has for years manipulated courts and press to cover up this very important 2018 crash, while Uber’s similar crash gathered international condemnation. Source: US District Court.
The Tesla ran a red light and crashed into the MIDDLE of a giant white bus in an empty intersection. Calling Tesla’s latest 2023 version of its failed driverless software blind would be… unfair to the blind. Source: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.
Tesla deaths compared to all other EVs showed the obvious problem by 2021. It’s about accountability for lies, all about the Tesla CEO who regularly lies. Source: tesladeaths.com
Tesla is the worst engineered vehicle on the road, with the most defective ADAS, by far. It kills far more people than all other brands combined. Source: Washington Post

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