Teslas Start Off New Year by Crashing Into Buildings, Again and Again

Another day, another Tesla catastrophically plowed itself into a wall in Pennsylvania.

A Tesla sedan smashed into a South Philadelphia building [at South 18th and Snyder streets] early Monday, leaving cinderblocks scattered on the ground and the air bags deployed in the car on New Year’s Day.

Source: CBS

In related Texas news, police say a driver wasn’t in control of his Tesla when it crashed into a house at 15719 Beechnut Street in Houston.

Tesla crashes into Fort Bend County home, leaving housefront damaged after allegedly losing control

15719 Beechnut Street. Source: Google Maps

Furthermore, Alabama police say a Tesla destroyed a house.

A Tesla plowed into a Mountain Brook home in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day, leaving catastrophic damage but surprisingly no injuries. The wreck happened at 2:25 a.m. Monday in the 700 block of Euclid Avenue, which is in the Crestline community.

Source: Google Maps

And then there’s Florida, where police claim mechanical issues and driver issues are to blame for another Tesla destroying a building.

…the car smashed into a Winter Park home on New Year’s Day, according to police. No one was injured in the crash, which happened around 5:55 a.m. Monday in the 1600 block of Bryan Avenue near Aloma and Lakemont avenues. […] Winter Park declined an on camera interview with News 6 Tuesday, but they told me over the phone The 20-year-old driver was unfamiliar with the operation of the vehicle and that a mechanical issue occurred which caused the crash, but they wouldn’t specify what that issue was.

Source: Google Maps
Do people listen more to experts or a CEO of Tesla? A notoriously abusive racist with callous disregard for human life, Elon Musk (I know, I know, it sounds like Henry Ford) since 2013 has viciously spread disinformation and propaganda campaigns to directly undermine law enforcement, let alone safety regulators.

If that sounds like a driver is being blamed, that’s what Tesla always says to avoid any conclusion about it delivering a uniquely toxic and flawed product that sells based on fraudulent claims about “driverless” capabilities. No driver is ever safe in a Tesla, nobody around a Tesla is safe, as known engineering failures are the commonality in all these stories.

Tesla blamed drivers for failures of parts it long knew were defective

It’s a strategic defect rate, an intentional disaster, like selling cigarettes and blaming smokers for cancer. Here’s the most important part.

“We’re freaking out we don’t know what to do, no one prepares you for a Tesla or a car ending up in your house,” Mason Gregory said.

Think about the five people in Toronto who were just sent to the hospital after a 17 year old plowed a Tesla through their home. It’s very unlike other cars.

No one has prepared homeowners for a speeding explosive Tesla ending up in their house? Tragic story after story in the news, including rapidly increasing fatalities, isn’t preparation enough yet?

Sounds like a ban on Tesla is warranted before more innocent people sleeping in their bed are violently attacked.

The more Tesla the more tragic death. Without fraud there would be no Tesla. Source: Tesladeaths.com

In light of recent developments, it is imperative that we apprise the military and political leadership of the imminent dangers posed by Tesla’s actions. Reiterating my frequent concerns posted on this blog for the sake of public safety, I again assert that Tesla exhibits characteristics akin to an explosive loitering munition, potentially orchestrated (due to the always connected, remotely controlled robotics) with nefarious support of adversarial nations such as China or Russia.

This ominous entity, analogous to a hostile missile infiltrating residential areas, poses a grave threat to individuals, residences, businesses, and critical infrastructure, rendering affected locales akin to war zones.

It is crucial for those residing in ostensibly peaceful and unassuming cities and towns to recognize the exigency of preparing for a confrontation with what can be perceived as Elon Musk’s ideological inclinations, potentially aligned with white nationalist sentiments.

Addressing the underlying motivations propelling his envisioned robot army to undermine the foundations of the United States demands urgent attention and strategic consideration. Failure to proactively engage with this burgeoning threat could result in severe ramifications for the nation’s security and stability.

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