Tesla Cybertrucks Falling Apart Faster Than They Can Be Fixed

We should have known that the guy who says he doesn’t run a car company, just to avoid being regulated as a car company, can’t actually run a car company.

A single Tesla Cybertruck bolt fastener worked loose, as should be expected, and here is what happened next.

Many of the Cybertrucks just simply die and can’t be started.

Oh, and about that disinformation campaign to say his car company shouldn’t be seen as a car company… suddenly he wants it to be seen as the only car company.

Don’t think of it as a car company, think of it as… the only car company.

Uh huh.

Definitely not more red flags here than a Chinese military parade.

A judge recently exposed the Tesla CEO for this brand of shallow hypocrisy and gaslighting, within context of X Corp’s clumsy strategy to undermine law and order.

The judge found that X Corp’s argument exposed a tension between the platform’s desire to control user data while also enjoying the safe harbor of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which allows X to avoid liability for third-party content. If X owned the data, it could perhaps argue it has exclusive rights to control the data, but then it wouldn’t have safe harbor.

“X Corp. wants it both ways: to keep its safe harbors yet exercise a copyright owner’s right to exclude, wresting fees from those who wish to extract and copy X users’ content,” Alsup wrote.

If X got its way, Alsup warned, “X Corp. would entrench its own private copyright system that rivals, even conflicts with, the actual copyright system enacted by Congress” and “yank into its private domain and hold for sale information open to all, exercising a copyright owner’s right to exclude where it has no such right.”

Replace government protection with a private system to enrich one man?

The X is a swastika.

Nazis always are like this. They are loud-mouthed “absolutists” yet amorphous and undefined. Their exaggerated opposition to others’ law and order — avoiding governance at every turn with whatever is best for them and only them, also known as antiwoke radical individualism — is how they aim to invoke dictatorship.

In the engineering world such awful anti-science junk theory manifests as designs that never achieve production quality.

Definitions with real baselines and standards of care about others’ needs aren’t ever allowed to exist independent of making supreme leader feel good.

Amon Goeth managed engineering just like Elon Musk does. And that’s not all they have in common.

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