Tesla Cybertruck Can’t Handle Wind: Metal Panels Keep Bending and Flying Off

We already know the “go anywhere truck” can’t handle any moisture at all. Now reports are flying in that it can’t handle pressure either, as contact with anything tears it apart.

Let’s start with this example.

So today, I got a little too close to the fence and boy did it mess up the truck. We’re not talking about running into the fence directly but trying to back up and then I got a little too close and then one of the panels got caught in the post and it really messed up the post but it bent as well. Check out the pictures.

Bear in mind that this is parking speeds, very low speed. Judging from the post, that’s some serious damage so if this were a person, they’d be pretty messed up.

If this were a person…

They might already have been killed by large razor sharp metal panels flying off at highway speeds like a helicopter that loses its blades.

Fast or slow the Tesla design fails basic pressure tests, and creates a dangerous hazard on the road.

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