Tesla V12 Fails Red Light Test: Palo Alto Police Announce “Nothing Illegal Unless We Saw It”

May 2023 this Tesla ran a red light and crashed into the MIDDLE of a giant white Sheriff’s bus in an empty intersection. Calling Tesla products blind would be unfair to the blind. Source: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigating crimes is a real thing. But if you listen to Palo Alto police, you’d think it doesn’t exist. They just approved breaking the law when police aren’t present, which helps explain why Tesla engineering continues to fail at basic law and order.

“Had an officer observed the driver with the phone in their hand, they could have issued the driver an infraction ticket for violating California’s handsfree law,” writes Palo Alto PD Captain James Reifschneider.

“As no officer witnessed it happening in person at the time of occurrence, though, no ticket is forthcoming,” he told me via email.

There’s no question that Musk was in control of the vehicle: he was forced to stop his “Full Self Driving” system from running a red light partway through the livestream, and he reveals that he’s in the drivers seat by turning the camera on himself near the 30-minute mark.

Nazis love permanent improvisation, hate law and order, which is very much what is being described here. Police who claim there is no enforcement as they look away from obvious evidence are thus intentional enablers.

In fact, there’s an obvious argument to be made that Tesla is marketing towards people who are aiming to violate laws, ignore traffic signals. They posted a video of the CEO promoting lawless behavior with a product that after a decade is still unable to slow for traffic signals.

Expect Teslas to fail even more at its long sad history of running red lights, their owners arrrogantly distracted, killing themselves and those around them at an unnecessarily high rate.

A teenage human driver improves dramatically within one year, especially if they respect and honor the rules of the road.

Tesla by comparison is nowhere even close to achieving this. It only has become less safe the more it tries, the more data it gathers, due to poor engineering practices (explosive tech debt). In fact, Tesla quietly has gone on a hiring spree condradicting its “more data” strategy by squeezing underpayed hidden human workers to “scrape burned toast faster“.

It has failed to improve “driverless” capabilities despite promising for ten years its next year won’t be as bad, and has been caught disrespecting laws many times, causing at least 41 fatalities and nearly 1,000 crashes.

41 fatalities is 10 times worse than the OceanGate disaster. Can you name one other driver on the road who would be allowed to kill over 40 people? At least with OceanGate the CEO was killed by his fraud, putting an end to the constant broken promises.

Should police ignore a dangerous series of fatal crashes by the Tesla “driverless” product, just because an officer wasn’t present? Uber shutdown their entire “driverless” operation for far, far less (due to one fatality). Tesla keeps getting away with murder.

Other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?

Version 12 of Tesla software, judging by this video, appears to be such low quality (regression, worse than prior releases) that it can’t be shown at high resolution. It’s such a sad joke the CEO even is caught in his own video laughing at it.

We have a word for when Elon Musk pumps investors by saying just a little more of the same mistakes will make things better:

Advanced Fee Fraud.

It’s a dangerous crime we all have to watch as police say they can’t respond.

Reminds me of all the times Tesla brags that video feeds they create are for safety and should be trusted by police in catching criminals.

Los Angeles

Because of the high-tech nature of the Tesla, authorities say an on-board camera captured video of the suspect…. The three attempted murder charges are for the three people that were inside the Tesla.

Imagine police charging the CEO of Tesla for attempted murder every time a camera records one of his products trying to ignore a red light.

Now that makes a lot of sense.


Berkeley police investigating… got a break in the case because of an unexpected crime fighting tool: an external camera on a Tesla.

Crime fighting in Berkeley implies investigation of events in the past, which Palo Alto says they gladly ignore.

Los Gatos

Tesla’s cameras instrumental in Los Gatos…. Police tipped off as footage goes viral.

Palo Alto police clearly don’t want to play even the simplest of instruments.

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